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A Bit About Us

Before opening Face Furniture, Tewfik Sherif spent almost 30 years in the eyewear and optical industry. True to his profession as an eyewear lab technician, he developed a keen eye for finely crafted and tastefully designed frames. In 2012, Sherif decided that it was time to bring his passion for eccentric and unconventional eyewear fashion to the Toronto market. 

Located in the heart of the city, Face Furniture has spent almost a decade providing exceptional service, ensuring that every individual can find the perfect set of frames that fit their personality. From New York and Milan, to Hong Kong and Paris, Face Furniture may have just what you're looking for to elevate your eyewear collection.

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In the spacious shop, I find a truly enviable collection of vintage and contemporary eyeglasses and sunglasses. Sherif brings an intimate knowledge of construction and aesthetics to the table, and his passion for the craft and artistry of eyewear is indefatigable.

Before you even try on a pair of glasses, you can see that the frames have their own personality. In the case of the styles sold at Cabbagetown spot Face Furniture, a whole lot of it.

Everyone loves the unique and high-end designs of FFO's frames, the quality lenses, and Tewfik's intuition in knowing what will suit them. They also respect his honesty, pleasant nature, and attention to detail.

Face Furniture Optical’s unique selection of designer eyeglass frames may be just what you need to remodel your look and feng shui your face.

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